5 Common Mistakes Made After Post-Surgery:

Surgery is a perplexing experience that can be quite overwhelming because of potential ramifications that can arise. This can also be said about your post-surgery outcome as well. As you partake in your recovery process it becomes apparent that a variety of factors need to come together to ensure you are healing properly and according to plan. This includes potential missteps you could make that could endanger your health in the future and compromise the growth made after post-operation, without knowing you are causing the problem.

Your road to recovery is absolutely vital towards getting back to normal and enjoying the benefits of everyday life. By that logic, here are five common mistakes to avoid after post-surgery. 

Suddenly Overdoing Things

After surgery it can definitely be boring or complacent as you are going through recovery, which would leave an annoying itch to engage in physical activity and movement despite post-op restrictions. As tempting it can be to up and about, you definitely shouldn’t! Sadly, a common trend has occurred as patients without personal fault, have indeed worsen their injury after post-surgery caused by excessive productivity. That’s why, following your physician or physiotherapist for specific guidance should be your only course of action. 

Avoiding Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sessions

While you may think surgery to be an imperative method to becoming healthy again. It is only an important step as professional physiotherapy and rehabilitation is just as significant. It requires patience and can be difficult to perform especially after surgical procedure while it is considered an afterthought by patients, nevertheless skipping physiotherapy can be detrimental.

At PhysioFirst, our physiotherapists are skilfully trained to work together with your physician to create a personalised and supervised program, which includes pain management, hands-on therapy and strengthening motion exercises. Proper rehabilitation is applied with safety and effectiveness in mind to ensure progress is being made for your recovery. It is absolutely essential that you maintain consistency with rehab sessions and home-routine exercises.  

Becoming Completely Bedridden

While it can be harmful to physically overdo things too quickly. In contrast, being bed-bound for too long can have problems of its own, mainly because of trepidation for reaggravation or post-surgery complications. Once approved for movement or activity by your physician or physiotherapist, it’s highly recommended to begin. As increased complications can arise from remaining confined to your bed including risks of blood clots and muscular deterioration. So, get up and move at your own pace with precaution and professional advice. 

Not Eating or Drinking Enough

The thought of eating or drinking might be displeasing or upsetting following surgery. Don’t worry too much, it is quite common. However, sustenance is a requirement to focus on. Nourishing food will always sustain the body for energy and vitality while drinking water/liquids will hydrate the body for proper functionality. If you are not eating or drinking properly, your recovery process will be negatively impacted! 

Not Coming Back to Follow-up Sessions

While the recovery process may be going well following a surgical procedure. It is with good reason to have continual appointments made up in the future with your physician or physiotherapist to ensure you are progressing well and on a timely schedule. It’s better to be on the safe side to make sure there isn’t any sign of regression or complication after post-surgery. 

How PhysioFirst can help you?

At PhysioFirst, our team of professional and highly trained physiotherapists and osteopaths are available to help in any way or form. Post-operative care is a difficult process to go through and we have an extensive array of services to help you recover. Our physiotherapists will come together with your physician to build a specialised program tailored to your post-surgery needs. 

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