NDIS Physiotherapy

PhysioFirst is a proudly registered NDIS provider, presenting physiotherapy, health and wellness services to improve your ability for movement and daily function. As a NDIS provider, we are supported by the government funding insurance scheme to enable individuals living with conditions or disabilities. 

Your NDIS coverage for physiotherapy is approved and embraced at PhysioFirst. 

NDIS coverage for Physiotherapy services

As PhysioFirst is a NDIS physiotherapy provider and safeguarded by the coverage plan for physical care support. Our physiotherapist can deliver a range of physical treatment and assistance that viable to support those affected by disabilities and chronic conditions with:

  • Exercise planning and therapy
  • Relief from chronic and muscle pain 
  • Aspiring goals for sporting or recreational activities 
  • Recovering from post-surgery 
  • Musculoskeletal ailments 
  • Neurological disorders and conditions 
  • Traumatic injuries and amputations 
  • Cognitive impairments 

NDIS Therapeutic Support

Therapeutic supports include a wide range of support services and products that help a NDIS participant to improve their independence and performance of daily activities.

These therapeutic supports can include that help to improve: 

  • Communication and Language skills 
  • Personal care, grooming and hygiene 
  • Mobility, movement and pain relief 
  • Participation in the community 
  • Relationships and interpersonal interactions


Our patient-centred approach to and physiotherapy is entirely focused on your diagnosis and treatment for your underlying condition and occurring symptoms. We utilise your tailored-made programs to prevent injuries and create personalised supervision plans to ensure you reach your physical objectives.

professional and personalised NDIS treatment service unique to your needs

How PhysioFirst and NDIS can help you with Physiotherapy

PhysioFirst is a company dedicated to providing the best quality therapeutical treatments available anywhere. We offer in-house therapy treatment with our fully functioning gym, a rehabilitation space, and also offer home visits.

As a NDIS provider we offer physiotherapy services, specifically with complete hands-on treatment, perfect for recovery, maintenance, muscle stretching, and joint mobilisation specific to your problem.

Our physiotherapists, podiatrist and osteopaths’ staff are available to meet or assist you in anyway.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

professional and personalised therapy treatment services unique to your needs.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

professional and personalised therapy treatment services unique to your needs.

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