5 Common Mistakes Made After Post-Surgery:

Surgery is a perplexing experience that can be quite overwhelming because of potential ramifications that can arise. This can also be said about your post-surgery outcome as well. As you partake in your recovery process it becomes apparent that a variety of factors need to come together to ensure you are healing properly and according […]

How You Should Treat Constant Back Pain:

If you have experienced back pain before, you would understand the pulsating pain that would follow along, the pain could be so sudden and unexpected, it will be there ready for your every movement. As you grow older the likelihood of suffering from back pain becomes more common, sometimes it would make you feel a […]

How to Heal a Common Ankle Sprain:

So, you just experienced another ankle sprain yet again. Did you twist it, roll it, sprain it, either way they are relatively tied to the same thing. Nevertheless, quite a painful experience I would imagine, better yet we know the feeling all too well at PhysioFirst. The best way to describe it, would be an […]

5 Benefits of going into Physiotherapy:

At some point in your life, you may have experienced physical pain and depending on the severity of your injury, you would have considered going to physiotherapy. However, even if you are suffering from constant pain, you would be reluctant and unenthusiastic to go due to scepticism surrounding physical therapy. For a while now, misconceptions […]